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Dispatcher WMS

from Socius24

Improve Accuracy

Dispatcher WMS Users report Inventory visibility & accuracy of nearly 100%

Reduce Operational Costs

Dispatcher WMS Users report Fulfilment cost reductions of up to 50%

Dispatcher WMS

Dispatcher WMS from Blue Yonder is a comprehensive, highly configurable warehouse management system that has been designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency and efficacy of your warehouse activities. It offers visibility of your inventory every step of the way, from pre-receiving to post-delivery.

ROI of implementation

Inventory Storage & Handling

Cost reductions of 10-35%


Increases of 10-40%


Reductions of 5-25%


Time reductions of 25-50%

Accuracy & Visibility

Inventory visibility & accuracy of nearly 100%

Operational Costs

Fulfilment cost reductions of 10- 50%

A new version for 2024


Over 2,000 businesses in 60 different countries around the world trust their inventory management to Dispatcher WMS.


With original installations from the 1990’s, Dispatcher WMS has evolved many times over the years, each incarnation taking with it best practices, a wealth of industry knowledge, and, of course, all the operational experience garnered during that time. 

There isn’t a vertical it hasn’t influenced during its decades of development, and most of its original customers are still working with updated versions today.

Award-Winning Resellers

Each year, Blue Yonder hold awards to recognise their Partners. Socius24 has been their preferred Sales Partner for Dispatcher WMS five times since its incorporation in 2013, mostly recently in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Unique relationship

Socius24 has a uniquely close relationship with Dispatcher WMS. The original development of the software was headed up by Ray Williams, and many of its installations over the years were managed by Craig Jones. Ray and Craig are the Managing Partners & Executive Directors of Socius24.

As well as this, Socius24’s team of employees have either worked on Dispatcher WMS since its original inception or have worked with it operationally.

It’s safe to say that because of this, when it comes to deploying Dispatcher WMS, we have an unfair advantage: we understand how to leverage every ounce of value from it.

But more importantly, we know what “good” looks like. We’ve been involved with some of the most advanced logistics operations across the globe and we fully understand what it takes to turn the good into the exceptional.

Benefits of Dispatcher WMS

Out-of-the-box Comprehensive Functionality

Dispatcher WMS gives you extensive standard capabilities as well as the ability to tailor it to your specific operational needs

Customisable Workflows

Dispatcher WMS adapts to your business processes, which helps to avoid unnecessary reinventions, saving you time and money

Enhanced SKU Management

Dispatcher WMS manages complex SKU attributes with ease, supporting batch and date management amongst many other options

Intelligent Putaway

Dispatcher WMS synchronises your product placement with your order patterns, taking equipment constraints and replenishments into consideration

Accurate Stock Control

Dispatcher WMS integrates cycle counting into daily operations, leading to nearly 100% inventory visibility and accuracy

Robust Inventory Management

Dispatcher WMS tracks your inventory meticulously from pre-receipt to post delivery and ensures real-time stock visibility

Efficient Receiving

Dispatcher WMS uses RF and Voice devices to ensure speedy, accurate checkin and optimises task allocation based on SKU specifics

Optimal Warehouse Layout Recommendations

Dispatcher WMS offers adaptive layout suggestions, focusing on fast-moving stock placements

Flexible Picking Methods

Dispatcher WMS is configurable for many different picking methods and supports LIFO, FIFO, LEFO and FEFO

Scalability and Multi-Site

Dispatcher WMS adapts easily to business growth and expansion and efficiently manages inventory across multiple sites

Seamless Integration

Dispatcher WMS is compatible with ERP, CRM, TMS and Middleware

Powerful Analytics

Dispatcher WMS provides real-time insights and reporting for strategic decision-making allowing for comprehensive analysis of warehouse operations

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