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“The whole experience of working with Socius24 has been really good. Blue Yonder experience was vital to Socius24 being selected as our partner.”

– FatFace

“Yes we would recommend JDA RedPrairie (now Blue Yonder) WMS – depth of functionality is key – there is nothing it can’t do!”

– The Works


With an impressive heritage stretching back to RedPrairie and benefiting from over 30 years development, the now Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System is one of the most recognisable and implemented solutions in the world.



“The RedPrairie (now Blue Yonder) WMS provides a guarantee of quality and pedigree that potential new customers are looking for.”

– ATL Logistics


Blue Yonder WMS

The Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System is one of the most recognisable and implemented solutions in the world.

As service Alliance Partners for Blue Yonder our team is often called upon to work with major retail companies and manufacturers globally helping them with the initial set up and then the ongoing support.


User Service Portal

Extensive experience has allowed us to develop our own software which can be used in conjunction with the Blue Yonder WMS to give enhanced performance and functionality.

Our team of experts can help you with additional functionality and performance provided by Blue Yonder and our own software USP.


Voice Interfaces

Socius24 has developed interfaces to voice hardware vendors such as Zebra (Motorola) and Lucas Systems. By using the Socius24 developed ‘Voice Adapters’ we seamlessly ‘Voice Enable’ your existing version of Blue Yonder WMS. This without the need to have expensive enhancements added to your software, allows rapid deployment and fast ROI. Modifying the interface to encompass your required processes is cost effective, flexible and painless for your business.


Pick to Light – Put to light

Conveyors and other such interfaces have been delivered to a number of our Blue Yonder WMS customers. Where our customers employ mission critical mechanical handling equipment, speed, 100% accuracy, usability and reliability are the key performance indicators for our deployed MHE software interfaces.


Enhancing the standard Dispatcher

WMS interface formats and mechanisms; Socius24 has helped our customers with custom extracts as well as creating interfaces to a number of ERP, MRP and business critical systems. Socius24 has combined data from Blue Yonder WMS with access into our Customers’ TMS database, allowing the combined visibility of WMS & TMS within our USP application.


RDT Data Rule extension libraries

Socius24 has developed the ability to use previously displayed RDT screen data to view and act upon data further within a workflow. This enables the user to make intelligent process decisions automatically.


“9 out of 10 – Would definitely recommend Socius24.”

– PD Ports



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“Socius24 brought a great combination of in depth system expertise and extensive industry knowledge to our WMS implementation project, which ensured its success”

– DCS Group

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