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We are proud to be a Blue Yonder WMS Sales and Services Alliance Partner for The United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Helping businesses optimise their logistics
operations with Blue Yonder WMS.



The Blue Yonder WMS

The Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System (Formally known as JDA RedPrairie) is one of the most recognisable and implemented solutions in the world.

Global Management Systems

With more than 1,200 live sites in every type of industry across fifty countries.

World Class Business Solutions

When you implement Blue Yonder WMS you know you are using the system that world-class businesses large and small trust to run their warehouse operations.

What does the digital supply chain of the future look like? Check out Blue Yonder’s compelling white papers, videos and webinars to find out!


Our Sales and Services Alliance Partnership has allowed us to continue to work closely with Blue Yonder and support their customers at a local/global level.

Our team of experts is often requested to support major high volume retailers, large manufacturers and 3PL companies that purchase the Blue Yonder WMS with implementation, configuration and consultation.

Once the WMS is in place, the 24/7/365 support is provided by Blue Yonder directly.

We also sell Blue Yonder software directly to the UK/EMEA market including SMEs, and are a Value Added Reseller (VAR) on behalf of Blue Yonder WMS. This allows your business that is aspiring to grow to access and use the same software that large multinational companies use on a daily basis.


“Each of our numerous clients have different demands and specific requirements from the WMS, which is so functionally rich and flexible that it handles them effortlessly”

– Synergy Retail Support


Why should you use Socius24?

• Our team of experts have experience and knowledge which will help you make the most of your WMS and a good return on your investment.

• We only turn on the functionality you need now. As you grow, differing levels of functionality and sophistication can be turned on to meet your needs.

• We work with you to select the optimum period that will ensure the minimum disruption and a successful implementation.

• We form a strong partnership with you and support you as your business grows. We have a high level of integrity and are always upfront with costs and time taken to support you.

• For SMEs, we keep our prices affordable to allow you get you on the first rung of the WMS ladder. We also offer monthly payments if this helps you to get started.



Why do you need
Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System?

Whether you are a major high street retailer, manufacturer, 3PL Company or SME you need to ensure that you have robust processes in place regarding labour, inventory, capacity and real-time execution. You need to be able to respond to any changes in demand and be agile in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

There are many warehouse management systems on the market from cloud-based to fully installed. Blue Yonder has been providing WMS for companies for over 35 years and is known for investing a significant amount of time and resources to keep customers ahead of the competition by adding new functionality through scheduled new version releases.



“I would completely recommend Blue Yonder WMS. It’s capability of doing anything you want and also enabling you to do things you didn’t think were possible”

– Saltrock

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The benefits of WMS for your business


User friendly interface

A user-friendly interface that is tailored to your business with extra functionality available as you grow at a national or global level.



Traceability is critical for some industries, so you will know where your stock is from and information about serial numbers, expiry dates. This all helps particularly if there is a need for a batch recall.


Increased visibility

Increased visibility of your inventory from the moment it enters your warehouse or is manufactured to the point of sale.

If you are considering a WMS contact us on info@socius24.com and let us undertake and deliver a Return on Investment (ROI) study of your current warehouse operation which we can provide at a nominal charge. We can show you all the benefits and associated cost savings that you will receive by implementing the WMS and can weigh this up against the initial investment required.


“Kinaxia Logistics identified the need for a world class WMS and Billing solution. We selected the Blue Yonder system and their trusted partner Socius24 to implement it in line with our rapid project timescales.”

– Kinaxia Logistics

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