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Our core values are more than just principles to live by. We believe in integrity, accountability, and proactivity… just to name a few. Our values are our commitment to excellence when it comes to doing business. They make sure that we create partnerships built on trust and mutual success.  

We thought we’d tell you a little more about our values so that you can see if they align with yours. 

Integrity – we do what we say we will. 

Building a new business relationship requires trust. We’re known for being up front and honest about what we can and cannot do for our customers. We tell the truth, even if means that we sometimes lose sales to companies who aren’t as careful with their fact-checking as we are.  

We’re straightforward people, and we’ll answer your questions honestly. Our processes are transparent and it’s one of our most abiding principles that we don’t deliver surprises; we deliver what we agreed. We enter every new business deal with the intention of creating a long-lasting relationship. We will be there if you need us, even post-installation. 

Resilience – we keep on keeping on. 

Over half of the team at Socius24 have worked with Dispatcher in its various forms and for its various owners since the 1990’s. We’ve championed it when it looked like it might be replaced by something newer and more sparkly, and we’ve watched as it’s outlasted its competitors because, we believe, it’s the most robust and functionally rich WMS available.  

We’ve seen industry changes and challenges, and through it all, we’ve maintained our excellent levels of service because we believe in the product we helped develop and now implement on behalf of Blue Yonder.  

We did this through our innovation, strategic planning and with an unwavering commitment to our customers. 

Proactivity – anticipating the future. 

As mentioned, we pride ourselves that there are no surprises in our projects. Everyone involved is always kept up to date. And from a company point of view, we stay ahead of the curve by using strategic insights and our deep experience in the warehousing industry to help us anticipate future trends.  

Efficiency and efficacy 

Efficiency is at the heart of what we deliver every day. We implement WMS solutions that help our customers to transform and streamline their operations.  

But we also work on streamlining and optimising our own.  

During the Pandemic, when everything else shut down, we were able to quickly change some of our installation processes so that we could implement, train and support businesses remotely. We were able to implement four? new projects in 2020, helping the supply chain when it needed it the most. 

Because Socius24 has always worked this way, the existing systems that we’ve been using for years to run our own business help us to help others take theirs online too. 

Adaptability – we tailor to fit. 

Unlike some other available options, where you’re expected to change your entire process to fit into a new WMS, or to work with a specific WMS supplier, our adaptability means that we instead tailor our solutions to the individual requirements of each customer. 

Some of this comes from years of experience – we know how things usually go, and if we come across something new, we’ve got a massive back catalogue to look at to extrapolate a solution that works for you. 

Some of this comes from working with a WMS that can deal with the smallest to the largest of operations across every vertical we’ve seen so far. Dispatcher WMS is deeply functional and scalable. 

Some of this comes from our ability to know how to configure that WMS so that it works best for you.  

And some of this comes from the fact that we can also implement User Services Portal (USP), which we wrote to augment the functionality of Dispatcher WMS. And that, in turn, means if there’s something you absolutely MUST have that’s not already in the WMS, we can build it for you. Quickly. 

Collaboration and Communication 

We talked earlier about our ‘No Surprises’ policy. As soon as we know about a change, or a potential issue, then you do too. Our approach to all our projects is collaborative. We work closely with our customers so that we truly understand their needs and challenges. We find that this is the best way to get the best fit and the best result. As a customer, you be able to get hold of us easily, and we’ll always be up front with you. 

Accountability – owning the outcome. 

We stand behind everything we do, and we continually measure our own performance. 

Partnership, now and in the future. 

Socius means Partner in Latin. And partnership is fundamental to the way we work.  

We will help you create your operational success, and we’ll be with you every step of the way as you grow. Our part in your operation will be down to what you need in the future.  

Some customers take what we give them and run with it, only coming back to us when they need help with something big that they can’t handle on their own. Other customers like to keep us close. We are here to be the partner that each of our individual customers need. 

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to have a chat in person, you can always find us on 

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