How to increase WMS ROI

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How to increase WMS ROI by helping your warehouse staff adopt a new system

Part of the cost of implementing new software is often unseen. It’s not the money spent on new hardware, or the development of systems to support the new processes, it’s the downtime created by staff who are struggling to use an interface that’s new to them. Often, new software systems can seem so vast and unlearnable that staff can get lost in them, and in frustration, simply resort to doing what they were doing before the implementation. It’s frustrating for everyone involved.

But there is an easier way – providing members of staff with personalized dashboards and content significantly enhances user experience by tailoring the software interface and information to each person’s specific role and responsibilities. By only presenting relevant data, metrics, and tasks – and doing it in a user-friendly manner, warehouse staff can quickly navigate new systems and get access the information they need. This personalised approach helps to reduce confusion, minimise any learning curves, and as a by-product, it fosters a much more positive user experience, which in turn leads to better adoption rates.

By providing these personalised dashboards (such as those available in User Service Portal – USP), warehouse managers can prioritise and customise the information that’s displayed for each user. This means that staff members have quick access to the data and metrics most relevant to their own roles. Tailored content means that warehouse staff can focus on their own tasks – without being overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. In turn, this allows them to make more informed decisions, which has the natural effect of improving productivity.

Personalised dashboards are valuable for everyday operations, but they’re crucial during training and onboarding processes, if you want fast adoption from your workforce. And if you are in a business where you have seasonal fluctuations in staff, customising the interface and content based on user roles means that new employees can quickly understand their responsibilities and become familiar with the system, accelerating the onboarding process. This means that warehouse staff can effectively utilize the software from the start, reducing training time and accelerating their productivity.

By presenting information in a way that is relevant and meaningful to each user, new software can ensure that staff are more likely to actively engage with and incorporate it into their daily routines. When people see the value and benefits of the system tailored to their needs, they’re much more motivated to adopt and actually utilise it.

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