How to overcome common stock maintenance issues

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Every warehouse has its quirks, but there are some common stock maintenance issues that are fairly universal

Read on to find out how to address them.

Problem 1: Inaccurate Inventory Counts

Solution: Blue Yonder’s Dispatcher WMS provides real-time visibility into inventory levels. It helps to eliminate discrepancies caused by manual counting or outdated tracking methods. By automating inventory management, the system ensures accurate and up-to-date stock counts, reducing the risk of carrying too much (or too little) inventory.

Problem 2: Lack of Stock Visibility

Solution: Dispatcher WMS gives you real-time stock visibility through configurable dashboards and reports. Warehouse staff can easily access comprehensive data on inventory levels, locations, and movements, enabling quick and informed decisions. This visibility helps prevent misplaced items, improves stock rotation, and enhances your overall stock control.

Problem 3: Stockouts and Overstocking

Solution: Dispatcher WMS optimises stock levels by facilitating demand forecasting and inventory replenishment. It tracks sales data, monitors stock levels, and generates alerts when inventory reaches predefined thresholds. This can helps prevent stockouts by ensuring timely (and automated) replenishments take place, while also minimising the risk of overstocking by providing you with the tools you need to align inventory with actual demand.

Problem 4: Inefficient Order Fulfilment

Solution: Dispatcher WMS streamlines your order fulfilment process by providing efficient order picking and packing workflows. It optimises picking routes through the warehouse, suggests batch picking for multiple orders, and automates order verification, reducing errors and improving fulfilment accuracy and speed.

Problem 5: Manual Data Entry Errors

Solution: Dispatcher WMS eliminates manual data entry errors by automating data capture processes. It integrates with barcode scanners, mobile devices, and other hardware, enabling accurate and efficient data entry, reducing human errors, and ensuring data integrity. And User Services Portal (USP) takes functionality that Dispatcher WMS needs to keep in the office out onto the warehouse floor – to reduce the possibility of erroneous data entry even further.

Problem 6: Sub-Optimal Warehouse Layout and Organization

Solution: Dispatcher WMS gives you the information you need to optimise your warehouse layout and organization. It can also be configured to assign locations, optimise storage space, and suggest efficient picking routes. This improves inventory management and reduces time wasted on searching for items, resulting in increased productivity, and reduced operational costs.

Problem 7: Lack of Traceability

Solution: Dispatcher WMS provides end-to-end traceability by capturing detailed transaction records and tracking item movements within the warehouse – even down to a serial number, if required. This enables efficient product recalls, expiration date management, and compliance with industry regulations.

Problem 8: Inefficient Receiving and Put-Away Processes

Solution: Dispatcher WMS streamlines your receiving and put-away processes by automating data capture, generating labels, and providing guidance on optimal storage locations. It ensures accurate recording of received items and efficient allocation to appropriate storage areas, reducing errors and delays. The system can be configured to putaway and allocate inventory in the most efficient way possible – tailored exactly to your specific business requirements.

Problem 9: Manual Reporting and Analysis

Solution: Dispatcher WMS offers comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities, providing insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as inventory turnover, order fulfilment rates, and labour productivity. It automates report generation, saving time and effort, and enables data-driven decision-making to identify areas for improvement.

Problem 10: Lack of Integration with Other Systems

Solution: Dispatcher WMS integrates with other business systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), transportation management systems or User Service Portal (USP), creating a seamless flow of information and enabling efficient data exchange. This integration ensures accurate and timely data synchronization across different departments, enhancing overall stock maintenance and supply chain visibility.

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