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Socius24 will be back at Intralogistex for the 6th Year running, on stand 516. IntraLogisteX is completely free and will be packed with everything practitioners need to improve productivity, safety, maximise space and cut costs from the 31st March to the 1st April 2020.

Prior to big event, we answer a few questions which we hope will prove useful for all visitors.

Can you please share a little bit about yourself with our visitors?

Having been delivering complex solutions for Industry and commerce for nearly thirty years, we have a really unique blend of Global experience in exceeding our customers’ expectations, coupled with leading software solutions from JDA, who are simply the largest pure-play Supply Chain company in the world. As the UK-based partner of JDA, Socius24 has led many successful WMS related implementations and was named JDA’s Reseller Partner of the Year for 2017.

Socius24 provide real value at every level from consumer to warehouse floor or manufacturing plant to the Boardroom. But being ‘on time and on budget’ is just not enough anymore: we understand our customers’ concerns and know how to mitigate and eliminate the barriers to achieve the joint goal to provide project success and tangible ‘return on investment’. The team at Socius24, with our partners at JDA, are experts in supporting companies to continually derive value out of their software systems by optimising every part of their warehouse/logistics processes. We view warehouses as strategic assets rather than being just storage spaces.

Through this approach, Socius24 has built an enviable reputation within the Logistics and Supply Chain industry based on the principles of honest customer service and delivering a high quality and professional solution to ensure our customers ‘thrive and survive’.

When companies implement JDA (formally RedPrairie) WMS they know they are using the system that world-class businesses, both large and small, trust to run their warehouse operations. Socius24 helps ensure that logistics and warehouse operators of all sizes and industry verticals outperform their competitors. We do this by enabling them to use WMS technologies they didn’t believe they could afford, in a way that they never expected to be possible.

Can you please tell us why you chose to exhibit at IntraLogisteX 2020?

Socius24 has been a long-time attendee at IntraLogisteX, this being our 6th year, as it provides all that an exhibitor would want from this type of event. It has become an important annual gathering for all relevant software and logistics related companies to meet delegates of the right profile and who are looking to speak with the most important suppliers within the logistics and supply chain industry. The exhibition is all under one roof, is not so massive thus making the best possible use of their valuable time to be able to make contact with the right people and solutions .

What will you be sharing with visitors at the exhibition?

Visitors will be able to view the market leading JDA WMS solution suite at the stand and speak with our acknowledged WMS experts and project managers about how best they can optimise their current operations using both JDA software and Socius24’s renowned industry knowledge and expertise. JDA are leading the drive to autonomous supply chains, embedding AI and machine learning as part of the strategy to remain firmly ahead in the market.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

Most companies who contact Socius24 or JDA have already identified their WMS as inadequate or outdated. Or, perhaps, they are looking for the best solutions on the market but thinking the price will be too much for a business like theirs! We aim to reset that expectation and continue to ‘open the market’ by providing the best solutions at cost effective prices. We also see companies specifically identify a lack or absence of real time visibility into inventory, orders and events within their operations; be these warehouse processes, reducing the overall ‘cost to serve’, improving their efficiency and being viewed as innovative WMS partners by our customers customers.

Most systems that Socius24 replace (and we do replace a lot) aren’t flexible enough to enable companies to be reactive and agile to change and precisely configure their inward and outbound processes to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Many companies who implement either the JDA WMS suite or standalone solutions, need configurable and bespoke functionality for each and every individual customer or contract and cannot be restricted by one dimensional software.

They want a functionally rich set of products that don’t need vendor customisations but can be self-configured. This is the only way they can start to fulfil internal pressures to reduce their running costs of inventory, labour and transportation. Optimisation and analytics within the WMS are foremost in JDA’s constant evolution of their solutions. We just help by installing these effectively.

Traditional retailers have been forced to compete with global e-commerce companies that don’t own any retail shops. Consumer purchasing behaviours are evolving rapidly, as internet and mobile technology make it easier to order across multiple different channels which have to be interconnected within the retailer’s internal systems. Retailers have to adopt omni-channel strategies in order to compete and to this extent the market leaders are viewing their warehouses as key elements in the customer retention puzzle. Companies that fulfil orders with the fastest velocity and incur the lowest internal costs to do so are surging ahead of their competitors.

Manufacturers are having to embrace huge changes to the way they forecast and plan in response to ever-changing consumer buying habits. Many companies are much more responsive to micro demand signals and in effect build to order and not to stock. Additionally, they need to provide their materials to their manufacturing lines in a just-in-time manner and in a highly structured way. Their WMS requirements need to be capable of scheduling these orders to meet precise process flows and immovable deadlines.

These companies utilise market leading software such as JDA WMS that optimise every process within the warehouse to enable such performance both for their customers and also financially for the sustainability and success of the whole company itself. Partnering with Socius24 just means our customers get the best software implemented and supported professionally and effectively by industry experts… It is what we do; we deliver the best possible solutions so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers in a better and more effective way.

Who is this event for?

IntraLogisteX is for logistics professionals who are looking for solutions to their current and future challenges, from the latest materials handling technologies to full-scale warehouse automation options. This event is designed for end-user practitioner logistics professionals such as warehouse managers, heads of distribution, IT directors and lead project managers

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