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JDA have announced that they have changed the name of their company. JDA Software will now be Blue Yonder. In this article, we share with you the logic, approach and what to expect ahead from Blue Yonder.

Why change the name of the company?

The supply chain market has changed dramatically in recent years. Pervasive access to network bandwidth coupled with mobile commerce has created an expectation of instant gratification in the mind of the consumer. Hyper-personalisation is expected to only increase. Cloud, machine learning, mobility and IoT are making things possible today that were unimaginable only a few short years ago. As a result, the substance at JDA has changed to keep up with market realities across our proposition and culture. Our hunch, our contemplations, when put through a robust market research process led by experts in the domain, led to a conclusion that JDA have outgrown our brand name.

The substance

Today, the nucleus of the company is what has always been the case – supply chain solutions for manufacturing, third-party logistics and retail. Built around it is an inspiring product portfolio that has been deployed successfully across the world. Blue Yonder believe in an ecosystem of partners and are investing in its build-out to provide greater flexibility and longevity to our customers. They are supplementing their skillsets in supply chain with the latest data scientists, as well as associates from other domains of close adjacency. The commitment for continuous improvement to deliver customer success in a SaaS world is real. Their metrics convey that they are well along the journey and need to continue accelerating.

What to expect?

With that backdrop, Blue Yonder are going “all-in on blue” with a renewed mission to empower every organization and person on the planet to fulfill their potential. Over the next two months, you’ll see the Blue Yonder name and brand come to life across their digital and physical properties. This includes a new website that they will unveil in the next month. Blue Yonder will also launch a new brand marketing campaign to support their transition, highlighting a new fresh, modern company and the expansive potential and promise that they bring to the market. Most importantly, you should experience a further rejuvenated 5,300 associates innovating and seeking to exceed customer expectations.

The Blue Yonder name represents the combined aspirations of our communities, customers, partners and our associates generating endless possibilities. They aspire for a better planet, a healthier planet with less waste driven by their solutions. They aspire for greater successes and value delivered to our customers. Blue Yonder aspire to see our partners grow as their run solutions on the Blue Yonder digital fulfillment platform. Blue Yonder seek to fulfill your potential.

JDA will move forward as Blue Yonder, a name that so clearly reflects who they are as a company and culture – full of endless innovation, possibilities and expansiveness.


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