Kinaxia Logistics Transforms its Warehouse Operations with Blue Yonder

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UK logistics provider drives warehouse efficiencies and fuels corporate growth with Blue Yonder

Offering high quality, flexible warehouse solutions through advanced management systems is a must for today’s logistics companies. That’s why Kinaxia Logistics selected Blue Yonder to support its warehouse operations with several solutions from the Blue Yonder Warehouse Management portfolio.

Kinaxia Logistics is a leading logistics group operating within the UK haulage and warehouse sector. Made up of nine companies, Kinaxia Logistics operates 630 vehicles, has 1,100 members of staff and owns 925,000 square feet of warehouse space. Kinaxia Logistics’s vision is to build a flexible and efficient, service-focused, haulage and warehousing group through investment in, and partnership with, medium-sized, profitable, growing privately owned companies across the UK.

Kinaxia decided to open a new warehouse located at Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) near Rugby, Northamptonshire. The 116,000 square foot building, which has capacity for 24,000 pallets, is set to become Kinaxia’s flagship warehouse and provides them with a central location to serve their network of customers across the UK and support its ambitious plans for growth. Kinaxia recognised the need to implement a highly configurable warehouse management system (WMS) that would offer advanced features and functionality that will ultimately transform their business. In just seven weeks, Kinaxia has already gone live with its warehouse deployment, which speaks to Blue Yonder’s ease of use and simplicity to deploy. Blue Yonder’s award-winning sales and service alliance partner Socius24 served as Kinaxia’s partner to implement and develop all technical aspects of Kinaxia’s deployment, providing professional services and support throughout the duration of the project.

“Kinaxia Logistics is dedicated to delivering world-class service to its customers,” said Johan Reventberg, president, EMEA, Blue Yonder. “We had an aggressive timeline to deploy the Blue Yonder solutions and based on tight collaboration with Blue Yonder’s partner Socius24 and Kinaxia, our team completed the implementation and deployment, and we look forward to continuing to support their efforts moving forward.”

Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS and Blue Yonder Third-Party Billing, from the Blue Yonder Warehouse Management solutions portfolio, gives Kinaxia a distinct advantage to maximize labor utilisation, reduce obsolescence and leverage available capacities, while maintaining best-in-class customer service levels. Blue Yonder provides real-time insights into warehouses, accurately tracks and calculates all logistics activities, and simplifies complex logistics processes by effectively, efficiently and profitably managing the warehouse space. With Blue Yonder, Kinaxia will provide advanced solutions to their customers and feel confident that they can meet their warehouse needs every time.

“Kinaxia Logistics identified the need for a world class WMS and billing solution,” said Sarah Ranshaw, general manager, group warehousing, Kinaxia Logistics. “We selected Blue Yonder and their trusted partner Socius24 to implement it in line with our rapid project timescales.”

“We are thrilled with the successful implementation of Blue Yonder’s solutions at Kinaxia,” said Craig Jones, Managing Partner, Socius24. “It is important for a lead logistics provider like Kinaxia to act as a partner to its customers in this environment, and we hope to facilitate this relationship through our warehouse solutions with improved speed, visibility, accuracy and reliability.”

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