Merry Christmas from Socius24!

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One of the best things about working for a company like Socius24 is the people.

Some of us have known each other since almost the very start of our careers, many moons ago. Some of us met while writing Dispatcher WMS or testing it. Some of us met while implementing it. Some of us met while we used it to run warehouses.

It’s a thread that holds us all loosely together.

The other thing that we have in common is that we get on. Cultural fit is a big thing in a company this size. It’s important.

Maybe it’s because we work remotely, or because we’re an international bunch. Maybe it’s because we don’t see each other every day – but whatever it is, we look forward to getting together. And our most recent get-together was at Brockencote Hall Hotel, for our Christmas party.

Christmas at Brokencote Hall

The format of these meetings is fairly standard – we meet early on in the day to do a pretty comprehensive roundtable. Everyone has something to contribute, and since Socius24 became an EOT, this has become even more important. 

We talk things through, we run things up the flagpole and we do Blue Sky Thinking. We shift our paradigms, and we think outside the box. We communicate and we conclude.

And then, when we’ve talked about what’s going on, what we’ve done and what we’re planning to do next, we go and we get our glad rags on, and we sit down together and eat.

Dining Room at Brockencote Hall

We can’t believe how big the kids have got, or that they’ve done their exams, or they’ve left home. We coo over puppy pictures, we talk about holidays we’ve had, and we laugh at our own stories. 

We think we’re hilarious, at least.

Sometimes, we even treat our fellow hotel residents to a concert. This is Nick, our Sales Director, playing the piano. He’s brilliant, although his backing vocalists could do with a little extra practise.

And then, we get up the next morning, have breakfast together, and, with hugs and handshakes, we go on our merry way once again. Til the next time.

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