Socius24 – Enhancing WMS project delivery despite the current pandemic

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The current lockdown and Covid 19 restrictions have presented a whole host of major challenges to many software companies causing them to have to completely restructure their implementation strategies. Or in some worse case situations many just have not been able to start a new project or complete existing commitments.

Not so for Socius24, who are seeing eight years of extensive pro-active work in this area coming to fruition. Since as early as 2013, concerning the remote implementation of the Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS, Socius24 have been perfecting a mix of remote/on premise delivery project methodologies in increasing geographies around the world. The reasons for moving towards remote delivery of these projects can vary from pure distance – to save on car journeys, accommodation expenses or lost hours getting to site to helping reduce their carbon footprint by removing air miles travelling to another continent, through to it being a more efficient way of working. The net result is keeping the overall project costs down for our customers.

Socius24 achieve this by making use of tools and remote delivery technology that were not previously widely used in project implementations. This is coupled with a clear desire from the customer to embrace this approach. They appreciate Socius24’s flexibility and recognise a successful delivery pedigree in the market. With more than sixty customer installations/upgrades, Socius24 have proved their approach works.

This has put Socius24 in a position of innovators and leaders when it comes to satisfying the current demand for new WMS implementations or upgrades from companies who have experienced such increases in demand that they have exposed the frailties and limitations of their current WMS and their previous services providers. In 2020 Socius24 added more than twenty separate Blue Yonder WMS Licence contracts. These included net new customers, system upgrades and expansion of existing customer sites. If you want to find out how effectively Socius24 can support your business growth or upgrade aspirations through this Pandemic and beyond, contact the team at

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