Socius24 Partners with Metapack

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Socius24 Partners with Metapack to make multi-carrier shipping easy. With a built in interface between Dispatcher WMS and Metapack our customers can easily access the world’s carriers, automate the selection and quickly generate correct labels and custom documentation.

Easily Integrate with Carriers

Easily access to over 400 carriers via a single integration removing costly and complicated carrier onboarding, without any ongoing maintenance. Automate carrier selection and print labels at lightning-fast speed, even during the busiest shopping periods.

Lower you Cost to Serve

Ensure you pick carrier services that can fulfil your orders and offer the best price.

Ensure you fulfil your delivery promise

Use intelligent carrier allocation logic to prevent using a delivery service that cannot meet your customer delivery promise. Offer the delivery choices your customers want. Display accurate delivery timeframes at checkout. Never make a delivery promise you can’t keep.

Access the world’s carriers, automate allocation and quickly generate labels

Easily access the world’s largest carrier network from a single integration with none of the headaches with setting up and maintaining multiple carrier APIs.

Quickly offer the right delivery options to your consumers, and make selling into new markets easier with over 5,500 delivery services and 360,000 PUDO locations available across the globe.

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