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Not many people know that one of the driving forces behind the way Socius24 does things is Sustainability.

When it was incorporated, over 10 years ago, the world was a very different place and far fewer companies were building Sustainability into their business growth plans. But Craig Jones, and Ray Williams, Managing Partners of Socius24 always knew that it was important to them.

Craig is a volunteer Woodland Trust warden in Buckinghamshire, UK, contributing his time to monitoring and protecting local wildlife and helping with other conservation projects.

Having come from a corporate background where commuting and business travel were definitely the done thing, where paper was there to be printed on and tech was something that was obsoleted on a regular basis, when the two of them set up Socius24, they decided that they wanted to do things differently.

Because of this, the company has always been paperless – right from the very start. And the directors chose not to have a centralised office so that they could reduce carbon footprint to a minimum – because no office meant no staff commute every day. For Socius24, Sustainability is one of the first things to be taken into consideration when making decisions.

But the company didn’t stop there; while other businesses continued to rack up airmiles and fuel cards, Socius24 turned to technology, deliberately putting their focus on developing innovative methods for delivering complex projects remotely – even in other countries.

This meant that when the Pandemic hit in 2020, Socius24 didn’t really need to change much in order to be able to support the massive spike in Supply Chain demand. They could implement new systems, train new customers and install new upgrades the way that they always had.

In fact, part of the reasoning behind their pioneering User Services Portal software (USP) was to reuse pre-commissioned technology… hardware that was already owned and operated by customers.

Their belief has always been that the most sustainable hardware solutions are the ones that the customer has already purchased and already commissioned. The way that USP was written meant that it can run on any browser-compatible device, anywhere that an internet browser can be accessed.

To date, this has meant that dozens of phones, tablets and laptops that would otherwise been obsoleted have all been repurposed, while at the same time enabling users to perform warehouse operations that other solutions have struggled to reach.

As the world is changing, technology is evolving, and as it does, Socius24 continues to look for new ways to contribute to its sustainable growth.

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