Socius24 USP Showcase Event – 8th April 2021

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We’d like to invite to you an exclusive online event on 8th April, where you can find out more about the Socius24 User Service Portal – USP. This software, developed by ourselves and now widely used by our customers, seamlessly integrates with Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS to bring a host of new features and benefits to enhance Dispatcher performance and functionality and so also the user experience.

USP provides additional visibility and functionality which can be used by a range of users within your company and also gives you the opportunity to extend visibility of stock to your customers, so reducing your “cost to serve” whilst offering them an enhanced service.

The beauty of USP is that the information can be tailored to the specific needs of each user, for example, the information required by a warehouse user will be different to that required by the customer services team.

USP allows each user to have the information they require at their fingertips. USP can also be set up and used for the van drivers, satellite storage facilities, IT immature manufacturing companies and temporary locations such as emergency reaction/relied stations.

USP also provides enhanced functionality that is not available in WMS. This can improve simple processes save you both time and money as well as reducing the chances of errors.


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