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WMS Mobile-Friendly Technology – it’s time

As a company, we’ve made it our business to be at the leading edge of WMS for the last 10 years, drawing on the deep industry experience of our directors and employees. We were one of the first WMS software companies to recognise the potential mobile-friendly technology – and this is why:

During our many experiences of installing WMS, we talked to our customers and one of the most frequent requests was for the ability to access crucial information and perform tasks from anywhere within the warehouse, without being tied to a fixed workstation that’s stuck in an office somewhere. With User Services Portal (USP) – built specifically to work with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, our customers can now easily carry out inventory management, order processing, and other essential tasks while they’re out on the warehouse floor. This flexibility and mobility significantly reduces errors and improves operational efficiency.

The other thing that we were asked for was easily accessible real-time data and insights. We deliberately developed our mobile-friendly WMS solution so that warehouse personnel can capture important data (like images and unexpected changes to receipts) directly into the system in real time. We know that real-time data gives our warehouse managers what they need to make informed decisions, respond to customer demands swiftly, and optimize their warehouse operations for maximum efficiency.

By providing warehouse staff with mobile devices, our USP customers give them access to task lists, pick lists, and work instructions, etc – all of which reduces (and in some cases eliminates) the need for paper-based processes. This lets warehouses streamline their workflows, reduce errors, and increase productivity. And incorporating Barcode scanning or RFID technology into our mobile-friendly software has facilitated rapid and accurate data capture across the whole of the warehouse.

The other thing that USP has done is to provide seamless communication and collaboration among team members and customers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, at the same time – which gives clearer conditions and faster problem-solving.

We’ve seen that adopting our mobile-friendly technology has reduced the need for costly infrastructure, like dedicated workstations or fixed terminals – tech that’s typically limited to specific locations in the warehouse. And mobile-friendly solutions are much more scalable, businesses to easily expand their operations or accommodate seasonal fluctuations by adding more users without expensive (and often time-consuming) infrastructure investments.

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