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The User Service Portal (USP) extends the WMS by providing additional visibility and functionality both to warehouse users and other non-warehouse application users such as Customer Services, on the road Van Sales, Satellite or remote storage facilities, IT immature manufacturing facilities or temporary locations such as emergency reaction/relief stations.

The user interacts with light HTML5 web pages allowing access from any device that has a browser installed. The screens are easily modified via a cascading style sheet (CSS) to include the customer’s logo, colours and fonts to fit in with a customer’s environment. Functionality and screens are granted or restricted to end users based on familiar Function Access concepts and screen results can be edited to allow for end user preferences.

Consider the following scenarios to reduce work and cost to your business:

Customer Services

Instead of phoning your Customer Services department Order Visibility screens allow end customers to connect and view how their orders are doing; the current order progress and if there are shortages against the order. Drill downs are available to the order lines and once shipped the inventory shipped for an order can be viewed giving details such as batch, expiry dates, quantities and containers shipped in.

3PL Client

A 3PL client can view their inventory, seeing views of inventory summary, inventory balances across a time period, inventory due to expire and views of individual inventory records. Additionally you may allow them to see transactions against their inventory such as adjustments.

3PL clients can manage their own SKUs by using the SKU Entry and or SKU Deletion screens. Additionally Order Entry and Pre-advice Entry screens are available. For larger numbers of records where there is no interface in place a Data Import page allows the bulk upload of SJKUs, Orders, Pre-advice and other data.

The Business Executive

Visibility can be provided of that day’s transactions to your CEO or your Customer’s representative. USP gives you access to transaction screens, the Dispatcher WMS Reports for download in PDF format and graphical views of KPIs are available.


In addition to the above, USP provides enhanced functionality not available in the WMS this includes:

  • Grid Picking – enhanced visibility of Grid Picking progress, showing progress in easy to interpret graphical views. Drill downs are available to give the end user a view of exactly how much work and inventory is required to complete a grid.
  • Repacking – cut down, simpler repacking. Allowing item by item scanning of the use of touch screen buttons.
  • Rework – conversion of inventory from one SKU to another where exact quantities are not known.


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