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“We find USP very useful as a tool to empower our customers.”

– Silk Contract Logistics

“USP from Socius24 empowers our customers as it provides a single point of reference for all their queries.”

– Lenham


Extensive experience has allowed us to develop our own software which can be used in conjunction with the Blue Yonder WMS to give enhanced performance and functionality.

We have developed our in-house software called User Service Portal (USP) and to use this you need to have Blue Yonder WMS installed. The USP provides additional visibility and functionality which can be used by a range of users within your company.

The beauty of USP is that the information can be tailored to the specific needs of each user, for example, the information required by a warehouse user will be different to that required by the customer services team.

USP allows each user to have the information they require at their fingertips.

USP can also be set up and used for the van drivers, satellite storage facilities, IT immature manufacturing companies and temporary locations such as emergency reaction/relied stations.

  • operational-overview
  • pre-advice-entry
  • order-header-results
  • inventory-expiry
  • inventory-balance
  • import-data
  • download-reports
  • customer-details
  • sku-entry
  • report-selection
  • repack-details


“USP is an excellent product which is very easy to use. It enables our customers to have a live view of their world within the Blue Yonder WMS”

– Synergy Retail Support


How does USP work?

This software is available for companies of all sizes and only requires a computer or other mobile device with a browser installed. We create HTML5 web pages which are viewed on the browser and are unique to each company. The screen is configured so the company logo, colour and fonts are used. More importantly, each user will only be able to view the information that they need to carry out their tasks effectively. This makes USP very user-friendly and speeds up the way in which information is conveyed across the supply chain right through to the customer.


Who can benefit from USP?

By using USP alongside your Blue Yonder WMS you can achieve a higher level of sophistication, and all your users’ needs are met. For example:

Warehouse Team – USP allows us to develop software specifically for your warehouse team. This interfaces with the mechanical handling system so that products can be picked and selected quickly and easily by the warehouse team.

Management Team – The CEO and key executives can have visibility of daily transactions. USP gives them access to transaction screens; dispatcher reports broken down by geographical areas and KPIs, all these are available as PDFs which can be downloaded.

Customer – Today’s customers expect information 24/7 and USP will allow them to access information on their orders and progress being made on deliveries.


“USP is so versatile it has allowed us to consolidate and control multiple processes within our operation under a single piece of software. USP makes our lives and certainly our customers far simpler.”

– Lenham


Increased functionality

USP also provides enhanced functionality that is not available in WMS. This can improve simple processes save you both time and money as well as reducing the chances of errors, for example:

Grid Picking

Drill downs are available for the end user so they can see how much work and inventory is required to complete a grid.


This reduces the time for repacking by allowing each item to be scanned at the touch of a button.


Conversion of inventory form from one SKU to another where exact quantities are not known.


Regardless of the size of your company, if you use Blue Yonder WMS you can access USP to enhance the way your team works, and your customer’s expectations are met.

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