Why Warehouses Need Real-Time Data

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In the fast-moving world of warehousing, quick decisions, using Real-Time data are crucial.

For warehouse managers, one tool is key when making quick decisions: real-time data. Quite often, having direct access to data in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is simply better than waiting for data that has been filtered through Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

There are many reasons for this – not least that with this kind of data, warehouse managers can address issues as soon as they occur. They might see sudden spikes in orders, inventory errors, or experience unavoidable equipment breakdowns. And having instant access to their data, that they can share with all interested parties helps contribute to being able to solve these problems faster than they would otherwise be able to.

Exporting data into a BI tool, having to wait for its analysis, then importing the created report back into your WMS takes time. And during this wait, those problems could grow bigger, or opportunities might be missed. With direct data access, this waiting game is eliminated.

And every time data is moved or converted (for example during an export-import process), there’s a potential for errors or data loss. Dealing with real-time data reduces these risks because the data stays in one place and in its original format.

In a warehouse, situations change by the minute. Being able to access their real-time data means that managers always have the most up-to-date information, something that’s critical for accurate decision-making.

Within the Supply Chain, time is always of the essence. For managers to act swiftly and accurately, they need immediate access to data. Real-time data within the WMS provides this advantage, and it’s often the more attractive option for warehouse managers, especially if the alternative is to have to wait on data transfers and reports from BI tools.

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