ATL Fulfills Critical Customer Commitments with JDA

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UK-based warehousing and logistics service provider delivers on customer promises leveraging JDA Warehouse Management solutions deployed by Socius24

Scottsdale, Ariz. – February 21, 2019 – With over a million feet of warehouse space, 100 commercial vehicles and 150 trailers, ATL stores and delivers products for a wide range of customers. The company selected several JDA® Warehouse Management solutions from JDA Software, Inc. to increase warehousing and logistics speed and accuracy. The implementation was led by Socius24, JDA’s UK-based reseller partner which has delivered hundreds of successful JDA software implementations.

Headquartered in Foston, South Derbyshire, UK, ATL is a fast-growing family-owned business offering mission-critical warehousing and logistics service solutions to automotive, food and beverage, and packaging companies, among others. ATL’s fleet provides bespoke logistic solutions, supported by state-of-the-art technology.

As a warehousing and logistics provider for many industries — including food and beverage — ATL observes strict rules, such as managing expiration dates and moving products within a specific time range. In addition, speed and accuracy of delivery are extremely important to ATL’s business because a delayed order to a customer’s factory can stop the entire production line. Delivering on its promises is integral to achieving operations excellence and was a key factor in ATL’s decision to implement JDA® Dispatcher Warehouse Management™ as well as JDA Third Party Billing from the JDA Warehouse Management portfolio of solutions.

“We didn’t feel our existing warehousing management system (WMS) had a level of flexibility and systematic traceability required to enable growth in the warehousing arm of the business and diversify in new products that required multi-level tracking,” explained Joel Thompson, head of IT and communication at ATL.

ATL chose JDA given the configurability and scalability of JDA Dispatcher WMS and they knew that JDA, in partnership with Socius24 would guide a successful project that would meet their goals. ATL launched JDA Dispatcher WMS on the Amazon Web Services platform, along with JDA Third Party Billing and the Socius24 developed User Service Portal (USP). Since its cloud-based implementation, ATL has quickly migrated about 30 percent of its customers to the JDA solution. While ATL is still in the implementation stage, the company is already achieving real results.

“We now have much greater visibility for analysis, and JDA Dispatcher WMS provides detailed product-level information much faster,” said Thompson. “The warehouse now has the capability to scan and trace products throughout the growing number of warehouses within the ATL estate. There is a much higher level of accuracy and flexibility. As an example, we can now track products by location, weight and other detailed characteristics, define specific rules and make sure they are honored. This ensures the integrity of all the stock we manage for our customers.”

In addition to improving product and location knowledge, JDA Dispatcher WMS and Billing software delivers the real-time data ATL needs to continuously increase its level of operational excellence. Their ability to pull data out to assess key performance indicators, or KPIs, allows ATL to learn and improve on an ongoing basis which will ultimately help them sharpen competitive advantage.

Ray Williams, joint managing partner at Socius24, noted, “It’s great to see ATL combining the power of JDA and Socius24 to achieve greater visibility, throughput and increased customer service. We’re delighted to have played a key part in ATL’s ongoing success.”

“ATL’s success with JDA and Socius24 is a prime example of a timely digital supply chain deployment that speaks to the importance of deploying in the cloud to be able to scale and deploy quickly no matter the size of the customer’s footprint, said Johan Reventberg, president, EMEA, JDA. “We anticipate ATL will see long-term return on their investment and significant operational benefits, particularly as ATL adds new warehouse space and new logistics capabilities.”

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