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This is the second in a series of articles looking at how an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) can support each link in the supply chain. In the first article, we looked at the Manufacturing stage in-depth, and here, we’re moving onto optimising Distribution.

So… where Manufacturing is a crucial element of the supply chain because of its role in the creation of the goods that flow through it, Distribution is pivotal in creating a seamless flow of goods from the warehouse to the end consumer. And at the heart of this process is where we find Distribution Managers and their teams. This article covers the potential that an advanced WMS can offer you in the context of a warehouse or Distribution centre.

Distribution managers shoulder a hefty burden.

They have to oversee inventory management, they have to deal with order processing, they have to coordinate all of the logistics around receiving inventory, safely and efficiently. They have to deal with transporting it around the warehouse and then shipping it out to customers. And then on top of that, they have to lead the team that’s helping them get all of the above done.

But an advanced WMS like Blue Yonder’s Dispatcher WMS can make their life infinitely easier – if they’ll let it.

Because with it, that WMS brings access to real-time data that’ll allow them to make data-driven decisions quickly. It’ll also give them a panoramic window into not only their own part of the supply chain, but every part of the supply chain that is talking to their WMS. And this kind of information can help Distribution Managers head problems off at the pass – and as soon as they know about them, rather than only finding out what’s going on when the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) wheels have fallen off.

Because, let’s face it, the earlier you know about something, and the more you know about it, the faster and easier the solution will be.

Another aspect of the everyday life of a Distribution Manager is that they are also responsible for the efficient running of their warehouse. And an advanced WMS can help them transform chaos into calm. With its automated picking, packing, and shipping processes, a properly deployed WMS will minimise manual errors and optimise workflow. It’ll help ensure that orders are picked accurately and shipped promptly.

And that accurate picking comes down to inventory control – which is something else that a system like Dispatcher WMS can help with. Indeed, our customers report nearly 100% inventory accuracy post-implementation. And having confidence in your inventory levels will also put a stop to bottlenecks like stockouts, while making sure that you’re not carrying too much inventory. In fact, those same customers also report that they’ve been able to reduce their stock levels by up to 25% after they deployed Dispatcher WMS.

But an advanced WMS doesn’t just help Distribution Managers, it has a tangibly beneficial effect on the workdays of their teams too. It helps to automate routine tasks; it allocates responsibilities efficiently and it makes sure that everyone knows what they are supposed to do at all times. And then it streamlines work processes, which in turn enhances the work environment. It helps to foster a culture of efficiency, and this contributes positively to job satisfaction levels.

And all of this has a knock-on effect when it comes to customer satisfaction as well. This is because the system helps teams meet delivery expectations, and e.g. manage returns effectively (in an e-commerce setting), which means that the WMS can also improve the customer experience. And that will, in turn, strengthen customer loyalty and trust.

An advanced WMS, when implemented correctly, provides plenty of holistic benefits to your whole business. It does this by generating substantial cost-savings while at the same time improving the experience for everyone involved.

But don’t take my word for it. If you’d like to check out what the people who use Dispatcher WMS every day have to say about it, here are our Case Studies. You should read them.

Go on, I’ll wait.

The integration of an advanced WMS like Dispatcher WMS into your Distribution department isn’t just an operational tool (even though it is an extremely powerful one). Instead, consider it to be a strategic asset that’s going to help you modernise and future-proof your distribution operations. It’s not just going to help you enhance efficiency… it’s going to help you secure a competitive edge.

If you have questions about implementing Dispatcher WMS, then we are happy to answer them. We’ve been working with it since its inception, and we believe that we know it best. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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