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WMS in Manufacturing – The Supply Chain isn’t called the Supply Chain for no reason.

Each of its links are important parts that make up the whole. Every role counts and each one has its own unique challenges and goals. But luckily, an advanced WMS like Dispatcher WMS from Blue Yonder is a versatile tool, and over the years it’s been designed to enhance efficiency and streamline operations for every step of the journey.

In this series of articles, we’re going to look at the benefits that it brings to various roles within the supply chain.

In Part ONE, we’re going to start at the very beginning, because it’s a very good place to start (with thanks to The Sound of Music). Which means that today we’re going to talk about how Dispatcher WMS can support the challenges and goals presented by Manufacturing.

Real-Time Manufacturing Data

At the core of an effective Manufacturing operation is the level of its ability to optimise the inventory that it uses on a day-to-day basis. A properly deployed WMS can provide intricate levels of stock visibility and can include within its embrace both raw materials and finished products. This kind of real-time insight helps Manufacturing managers to avoid production disruptions that are caused due to inventory shortages, while at the same time empowering them to be precise in their production planning.


It can help to integrate Manufacturing schedules with inventory data, which is what allows managers to fine-tune production runs and minimise waste. It can be extremely granular with its management and can be used to measure such things as e.g. use-by dates and batches, while also allowing the tracking of inventory at a serial number level if need be. Where raw materials are combined to create new products, it can easily keep track of both, even leading workers through the kitting process if need be.

Coordination and Collaboration

And this level of information is supported by its ability to coordinate with suppliers, streamlining processes and ensuring a timely arrival of new materials. All these things combine to allow for a consistent production flow – something that’s crucial when it comes to shortening lead times.

Quality Control

Quality control is another fundamental pillar of support that an advanced WMS can offer a Manufacturing manager. Using the system, it’s possible to oversee product quality throughout the entire Manufacturing process, which means a more consistent output, which naturally leads to a better customer experience.

Cost Reduction

And finally, from a management perspective, an advanced WMS can help to reduce operating costs through inventory optimisation and production efficiency. This, in itself, can boost the financial health of any manufacturer, enhancing its ability to be competitive in the market.

But it’s not only Management that can benefit from a good WMS.

Team Efficiency

For the teams that report to them, Dispatcher WMS is a powerful tool for increased efficiency. It allows immediate, real-time access to essential data like inventory levels, task allocation and it can offer insights into what’s coming down the line from a customer order point of view. It means that Manufacturing teams can respond quickly to changes.

The system can automate routine tasks, streamlining workflows to reduce manual interventions and human error. Something that, in turn, allows team members to focus on any issues that need to be dealt with by an actual person.

But a good WMS isn’t just about streamlining, it’s about creating easy collaboration. It’s about supporting team efforts and creating environments where team members can share information seamlessly. And it’s about having essential, current information on hand so that effective coordination can take place.

Safety and Compliance

And finally, safety and compliance, both fundamental parts of the Manufacturing process can be robustly supported by Dispatcher WMS through its ability to manage hazardous goods.

Using a WMS is a transformative force in the Manufacturing sector.

It offers a suite of benefits that cater to both managers and their teams. And in Dispatcher WMS’ case, its comprehensive functionality helps not only to streamline operations, but also to allow for scalable growth. Which means while it can offer immediate returns, it can also pave the way for long-term success.

If you’d like to talk more about how Dispatcher WMS can support your Manufacturing, email us now on info@socius24.com for a no obligation, free of charge demo.

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