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We are delighted to announce that Socius24 are finalists in the 2024 Go:Tech Awards for Best Mobile Technology Award.

We’ve been included as finalists because of our innovative mobile app-based WMS tool, User Services Portal (USP)

User Services Portal (USP) is a mobile-friendly technology designed to work in and around your warehouse operations, in places that legacy Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) can struggle to reach.

It is tablet or mobile phone agnostic and brings data and operational tasks on to the shop floor, into delivery vehicles and anywhere our customers (or their customers), suppliers need to view/update WMS data or conduct WMS tasks.

Static vs Dynamic

Often, WMS functionality is tethered to static, back-office workstations, remote from the warehouse floor, or to specific types of Product Movement Equipment e.g., Forklifts – which cannot access the entire warehouse.

Increased Accuracy

When conducting certain operations, inaccuracies can be introduced into the system, because a workaround for this situation is often to write information down manually, then hand enter it into the WMS, once back at a workstation.

Savings and Sustainability

Instead of being tied to a specific workstation, USP can instead be accessed on any equipment that can access an internet browser – including tablets and mobile phones. This is not only revolutionary within the WMS industry, but also leads to significant savings – businesses don’t need to buy dedicated workstations and can reuse what they already have; equipment that’s already been commissioned and can be repurposed.

A knock-on effect is that USP contributes to customers reaching sustainability goals more easily; they don’t need to obsolete perfectly functional equipment to implement their WMS.

Customers who use USP (a bolt-on application to Dispatcher WMS from Blue Yonder) have seen significant benefits from implementing:

  • Service speed to Ecom customers 5% faster
  • Retail speed 6% faster
  • Launch availability (stock in stores for launch) 4% better than same launch in the previous year
  • Ecom speed in last ecom Sale was 3% better
  • Saved around 10% in variable labour costs
  • Moved from 4pm to 7pm cutoff for orders
  • Reduced Supply Chain by 24 hours

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