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Increasing Sales using an advanced WMS

In this series about using a WMS to optimise the supply chain, we’ve already talked about Manufacturing and Distribution. So today, we’re going to talk about why those products were created and stored in the first place – sales. And this article specifically, is about increasing sales using an advanced WMS.

Now you might not think that a WMS would be a useful tool when it comes to sales within a supply chain, so if that’s the case I’ll walk through it with you below.

Fundamentally, the supply chain can be a bit of a cut-throat arena, so leveraging every advantage you have simply makes sense. And an advanced WMS like Blue Yonder’s Dispatcher WMS can bring a surprisingly sizable contribution to your sales department.

The reason it can do this is that it connects your Sales team to the broader supply chain network. And understanding the symbiotic relationship between Sales and your WMS can be a game-changer.

Sales teams thrive on data-driven insights, and an advanced WMS has plenty of them. It can provide you with a wealth of information that can be used to plan and then boost sales strategies. Your WMS can provide a real-time view of inventory levels, order statuses and delivery schedules, and all of this information empowers your sales team to make informed decisions. It means that your managers can align sales targets with actual inventory, and this on its own can optimise the sales process.

One of the most powerful provisions that something like Dispatcher WMS can offer is instant access to inventory data. This kind of transparency means that your people can confirm product availability immediately, and because they can provide accurate information to your customers, a common knock-on effect is that it enhances trust. It also allows for upselling and cross-selling opportunities that are based on real-life stock levels and historical customer buying patterns.

Knowledge is powerful. And profitable.

We’ve touched above on the fact that being able to provide customers with real-time, accurate data can contribute to an improved customer experience, but it doesn’t stop there. Because your WMS can also provide accurate and timely deliveries, it continues to contribute to building loyalty. Your sales team, if it’s equipped with something like Dispatcher WMS (or our own User Services Portal – USP) can confidently make promises and deliver on tight schedules. And all of this contributes to the overall customer journey in a very positive way. 

But it’s not just direct contact with the customer that benefits from this kind of information. The detailed data that an advanced WMS can supply also allows for analysis of historical sales data and inventory turnover. And this allows your sales team to anticipate market trends and customer needs.

This kind of foresight can then feed back into the kind of proactive stock management that ensures that your products are available when they are needed. Which in turn, minimises lost sales and enhances your ability to respond to the market.

So… while a Sales/WMS linkup might not be the most obvious of applications for a warehouse management system, strategically used, it can significantly enhance your sales. And with the right WMS, providing real-time data, increasing customer satisfaction, and enabling proactive market responses, it can become an indispensable tool for growth.

Statistically speaking, a properly deployed Dispatcher WMS can increase warehouse throughput by up to 40%. We imagine that would make a difference to your bottom line.

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